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In this ever-changing world, it pays to be wise and plan ahead. Receive educated financial advice and support from OMorrow Financial Services, and discover the many ways you can protect yourself, your family, and your assets. We have an amazing financial advisor who will help you make smart financial decisions that can positively affect your future. We serve small businesses and pre-retirement Canadian families in and around Kamloops, BC.

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  • We are a fully licensed business.
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  • We have friendly and helpful staff.
  • We have a skilled and hardworking financial advisor.
  • We offer exceptional financial services at competitive rates.
  • We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout British Columbia.

Dear Brad:
I don’t think we tell people enough how much we appreciate their hard work and efforts.  Initially, when we came to see you we were very disappointed in the Bank where we had held mutual funds and had lost a substantial amount of money in the Mutual Fund account by constantly being told just sit and wait everything will work out eventually.  The Far Eastern Fund never did come back and we lost all our money.  
Brad has consistently watched over our funds and the markets and has transferred from one fund to another as needed by watching the stock market.  As a result of his due diligence our portfolio has remained strong and we have not incurred losses that we would not be able to make up as we are nearing retirement age and we do not have time on our side.
He responds to inquiries right away no matter how small.  We have entrusted him with our finances and would highly recommend him to anyone.  We think of him as a friend.  He has taken care our our portfolio as if it were his own.  We are extremely grateful that we have him as our Financial Planner.

Very Satisfied Customer,

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